Rogue John John Hazelnut Brown nectar review…

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Beer, Craft Beer

The pacific northwest, and in particular Oregon are trailblazers on the craft beer renaissance that is currently in full flight in America. And one of the trailblazers that was a catalyst of this movement is Rogue Ales

This is a review of their John John Hazelnut Brown nectar ale, aged in Hazelnut spiced rum barrels.

Aroma: Nutty and toffee aroma with rich malts providing some sweetness. Fruits on the back end, maybe apricot. Rum not overly noticeable on the nose apart from a slight peppery hint.

Appearance: Dark orange, almost amber cloudy body. Thick large fluffy tan head that gives way to a nice lacing.

Flavor: Rum noticeable immediately upon tasting. Hazelnut also present. Rich malty flavors with some coffee notes. Mild hop bite is barely picked up. Finishes on a sweet, pleasant note.

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation, initial head and tasting gave the impression of a thicker ale, but has quite a thin body which was a little unexpected.

Overall Impression: This is the third John John ale that Rogue has released. I’ve had the prior two offerings (the Dead Guy ale, aged in the Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels, and the Pale Ale aged in Spruced Gin Barrels), and I always look forward to the release. It is an enjoyable and unusual ale. I think the whiskey barrel is still my favorite, but these one off beers are what make craft beer so good. Different, imaginative and the variety of constant and evolving flavors means there is always something to draw in both long term craft beer lovers, and the newer converts.

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