Brewery Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale review…

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Beer, Craft Beer

In my recent review of Avery Brewing Company and Russian River’s Collaboration Not Litigation ale I extolled the virtues of collaborative brews.

The folks at Brewery Ommegang have taken that notion in a different direction. They are doing collaborations with themselves. They brought the Belgian and Scottish ale styles together with Cup O Kyndness, and they do it again by putting the American Pale Ale perspective side by side with the Belgian counterpart.

This is my review of the Belgian Pale Ale

Aroma: Light orchard fruits up front, with hints of apples, pears and apricot. A crisp tart hop aroma and a peppery bready overtone follows through.

Appearance: Straw colored hazy body with a white fluffy head with medium retention.

Flavor: Fruity and sweet from the malt, with hints of orange which gives way to a crisp hop bite that combines with the classic spicy Belgian yeast that finishes quite dry.

Mouthfeel: High carbonation in this tart medium bodied ale. No alcohol burn noticeable whatsoever. Finishes with slight astringency and dry.

Overall Impressions: A Belgian ale but with some distinct American qualities, in the ingredients (Cascade hops particularly) and the methods (dry hopping).
Another enjoyable beer from Ommegang, one of my favorite breweries. I have since forgiven them for having this replace the Chocolate Indulgence in the 3 pack they release each year!

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