Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale Review…

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Another day, another glowing beer review from me on an Ommegang beer. Don’t shoot the messenger. Blame Ommegang, they make the beer, I just drink it.

I’m a hockey guy, as the blog title infers, but I have to imagine that if I was a craft beer and baseball fan, Cooperstown would possibly be a patch of heaven on earth. Ommegang and the Baseball hall of fame right in the same area.

Anyway, enough gushing, on to the beer itself.

This beer pours a light straw color, with a hazy body. This all sits beneath a large brilliant white fluffy head, that lasts for quite a while before finally fading to leave a nice intricate lacing down the glass.

Once poured, you get to savor an aroma that brings light orchard fruits out, pears, apples and even some apricot. There is a tart but subtle hop aroma that finishes with a nice peppery bready yeast overtone, as you would expect from a Belgian ale.

Taking the first sip I get lots of sweetness from the malts, as well as a balanced fruit taste, maybe a hint of orange. This sweetness is perfectly balanced with the crisp hop bite. Combining the hops and the spicy yeast this beer offers a great blend of sweet and bitter to leave you wanting little else.

There is a fairly high level of carbonation with the BPA, that keeps the beer light, but not light bodied. There is a medium body on this and no alcohol burn at all. The finish is dry and astringent, but in a good way.

Overall this is a Belgian ale for sure, but it does have some distinct American characteristics like the dry hopping with Cascade hops. All in all another very enjoyable beer from Ommegang. It has actually allowed me to forgive them for not including the Chocolate Indulgence in the 2010 gift pack.

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  1. Wow look who is back in the beer review game. Guess a lot of time on the couch will do that. I notice a little difference in how you write your reviews as well. hmmmm

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