Adroit Theory Brewing – B/A/Y/S – Imperial Stout

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s a new brewery in town. Brand spanking new, not even on the market new. Adroit Theory is a nano brewery based in Purcellville, Virginia. Their aim is to have beers to market in 2013. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be selected as a taste tester for their early batches.
I arrived home from work in late March to find my taster box waiting for me. It contained the beer, a couple of pretty sweet stickers, and the official taste tester envelope with details on the beer and the feedback forms and such. It looked something like this.


And this…

Some info about the beer itself. I received the B/A/Y/S (Black as your soul) batch 004. Here is what the guys over at Adroit Theory say about their brew.

Ghost 002 – Is a remake of Ghost 001, our first batch of B/A/Y/S. we started with a relatively straight forward stout recipe that we quickly scaled up to Imperial status. The final grain bill was 52 pounds on a 1/2 barrel system!

We also wanted to add a more pronounced hop profile than typically found in such a beer. We selected two of my favorites: Simcoe and Amarillo. While the final product did not have a pronounced citrusy hop profile, the bitterness in the flavor profile is quite nice.

To balance the richness of the brew, we added hazelnuts for a nutty character. We then added cherries to boost the residual sweet flavor. Both are subtle, but welcome additions.

Finally, to give the beer a truly unique experience, we aged the beer for 3 weeks on reclaimed chestnut staves. Chestnut is an extremely rare specie of wood, and has a pleasing aroma when cut. We thought, what better way to enhance the beer.

Ghost 003 – Is Ghost 002 aged in a bourbon barrel from Woodinville Whiskey

Ghost 004 – Is Ghost 002 aged in a rye barrel from Finger Lakes Distilling.

And now on to the beer itself.

Aroma: Big boozy bourbon nose with some follow on bitterness from the roast barley. I also picked up some coffee and a mellow, sweet chocolate hint on the back end

Appearance: Pitch black, pours thick and heavy. Carbonation is quite low, which causes just a hint of a dark tan head that dissipates quickly to leave a thin sticky line round the glass


Flavor: Big big chocolate flavors up front, much more than the aroma would indicate. This gives way to a nice counterbalanced roasty bitterness. I hadn’t picked up on the cherries before now, but there is definitely hints of dark fruits coming through. There is a little booziness from the bourbon as you would expect, but there is little alcohol burn from this beer

Mouthfeel: Again, as with the appearance, this is a thick heavy beer. Even with a fairly low carbonation, this is has a nice creamy mouthfeel. This may sound odd, and I mean this in a good way, but there is almost a grainy chocolate feel at parts. I wonder if that could be attributed to the chestnut staves. I like it. Nice and sticky on the way down to remind you that you are drinking a 9% beer

Overall Impression: Very impressed with the initial offering from Adroit. I’d love to have one to sit in an aging cabinet for a year, or one of the other variations to do a side by side comparison. I definitely look forward to trying more from their line when available. Based on this beer I see no reason to think they won’t be around for a long time to come. I for one welcome our new Purcelville overlords!!

I certainly support local, but with beer, local or not it has to be good. And this certainly fits the bill.

Cheers (and I’ll leave you with some more details)



Homework done…



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