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This post is probably going to be a bit all over the place. I had intended to do a part 2 to my UFC Undisputed 3 review. Instead I’m just going to offer some thoughts on the career mode, and where I think the next UFC game should consider improving.

Negative Stats
We read in the previews to this game that the stat deterioration would no longer be a part of the game. That is true, to an extent. If you don’t train in a certain discipline, you won’t lose stats like you did with UFC 2010.
However, as you try to build your fighter in the career mode, it becomes extremely frustrating to see you lose a couple of stat points on the striking game because you focus on takedowns or submissions in the 2 actions you get prior to a fight.
I would say to the game makers this… Do you think that Junior Dos Santos simply forgets to prepare on the ground in the course of one of his training camps? Of course not. So why should I lose ground grappling ability if I try to build some striking skills? Any decent fighter will focus on all aspects of the game, so you shouldn’t penalize the players of the game because they only get to choose 2 actions per fight. You should be able to add to stats without others losing value. Which brings me to point #2…

Ability accumulation (or lack thereof)
Realistically when playing UFC Undisputed 3 it takes a lot of fights (talking 20-25) to be able to compete with the top fighters in the division in the harder modes. This becomes particularly frustrating when every time you add to your submission game, you lose from your striking game, and vice versa. Let’s take a look at some of the current top fighters in the game

HW: Junior Dos Santos: Seven pro fights before joining the UFC, and his seventh UFC fight was a #1 contender fight. 14 fights and he was ready for the title. With UFC Undisputed, 14 fights and you are probably a 70 striker or ground fighter, about 68 overall. Not nearly contention status.

LHW: Jon Jones: Almost an identical timeline to Dos Santos. Seven fights in other organizations, 7 in the UFC and a title shot

MW: Anderson Silva: Silva was different because he was an established fighter prior to coming to the UFC, but was given a title shot after just 1 fight.

And so on and so forth. What I would suggest here would actually be a pretty cool way to co-brand UFC products. Go through the normal initial fights (three or four) in the WFA. At that stage, there should be an advanced development trigger. This could be in the form of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Now your character is on the reality show.
This doesn’t change the approach to the game, with the exception that your fights are now TUF fights. This would allow for accelerated stat accumulation, so in the next 3-4 fights as a TUF contestant, you could bring your fighter from say 62-64 right up to around 80 overall. It gets another UFC brand into the game, and allows players to develop faster, thus making the jump to the UFC more enjoyable for all.

Fight aesthetics
I’ve played the EA MMA Fight game and perhaps because I was so familiar with the Undisputed 09/10/3 control system, I didn’t enjoy it. Now that EA is making the game, I hope they have the good sense to keep the control system that fans of the franchise have spent years honing their game on. I don’t want to go back and have to re-learn a new control system. I want the next UFC game to be a continuation of the prior incarnations (something I think has been done successfully thus far)

Fighter Roster
This is more than likely a pipedream for me, but I would love roster updates from UFC Undisputed. I also play the NHL series, and they do frequent roster updates. I would love to be able to download new fighters as they come to prominence in the octagon.
I would also love the chance to have ready made downloadable events. For example, I made a custom event for UFC 146, using as many players on the roster that I could. It would be nice if there was a way to just download upcoming events to our systems (just because a lot of us gamers are that lazy)

Anyway, those are my meandering thoughts on the UFC Undisuputed franchise, particularly the career mode, and some wishlist things.

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